May 6, 2022        PWS I.D. Number: 1660596


To the persons served by Regional Utilities of  Walton County. The  May 4, 2022 PRECAUTIONARY BOIL WATER NOTICE  for 774 through 2053 CR 393 N. including Plantation Way, Market St, E. Wilson St, W. Wilson St, W. Ann St, W. Julia Ave, Central 6th St. Central 7th St, Central 8th St, Gammage St, Dewey’s Pt, Hog Town Bayou Ln, and Mallard St. ,   HAS BEEN REMOVED, following the satisfactory completion of  the bacteriological sampling showing the water is safe to drink.  If you have any questions,  please call Regional Utilities at 850-231-5114 or visit our website at


Thank you!



Jason Reddick

Superintendent of Water Operations

 Regional Utilities

4432 East U S Highway 98