Learn How to  Save Dough by Cutting the Flow.


Do you have a faucet that blasts out a huge stream of water? If it doesn’t have an aerator tip, you’re wasting money. Aerators are a simple and inexpensive way to save money on your water bill. These little devices screw onto the business end of your faucet. They save you money by mixing air with the water, creating a flow that is still forceful but that uses far fewer gallons per minute. How much difference does it make? When washing hands, doing dishes or anything else other than filling something up, with an aerator you will use 50 percent less water. Not a bad savings for something that costs only a couple of bucks. So check your kitchen sink, bathroom lavatories, laundry tubs, and bar sinks. If they don’t have aerators, put one on. You will save dough by cutting the flow.


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