Learn What a Boil Notice is and Why we Have them.


The Florida Department of Environmental Protection requires boil water notices during times of repair and/or maintenance when water pressure drops below a certain pressure. The measure is taken as a precaution in order to protect consumers from any potential contaminates that could enter when a line breaks or water pressure drops within the system. Boiling water vigorously for two minutes allows consumers to safely use the water during the “boil water notice” period.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection requires notification of these types of occurrences through the radio and television medias. The
following radio and television channels are contacted if Regional Utilities
requires a Boil Water Notice:

WJHG-Channel 7
WMBB-Channel 13
Seabreeze FM Radio-106.3

As a courtesy, Regional Utilities attempts to contact our customers by door hangers when the area affected is isolated. This type of notification is limited by the number of customers affected. When a large customer base is affected, the radio and television media should be relied upon for notification.

If you have any questions regarding “Boil Water Notices” or any other concern, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 1-850-231-5114.

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