Check out these Dishwasher Water Saving Tips.


Try to run the dishwasher only when it is full of dishes. Running a full load of dishes should save water over washing the same dishes by hand. A typical dishwasher uses between 8 and 15 gallons per load of dishes with an average of about 9.3 gallons per load.

Many newer dishwashers require little or no advance rinsing of dishes. Some manufacturers now offer high-efficiency dishwasher models. These dishwashers use less water and energy. A high-efficiency dishwasher can wash a load of dishes using 5 to 7 gallons of water.

A family that replaces a 12-gallon per load machine with a 6-gallon per load machine and runs their dishwasher 4 times per week will save about 1,250 gallons of water per year.

Take advantage of the conserving benefits of your dishwasher!

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