Ryan A. Douglass, P.E.

Regional Utilities Manager of Engineering



Regional Utilities’ Engineering Department is responsible for Development Plan Review, Utility Design, Specification Management and Inspection.

Development Review

The Engineering Department reviews all Development Plans requiring water and sewer that will be constructed within Regional Utilities service area.


The Engineering Department maintains the Standard Details and Specifications and an updated as-built map of the water and sewer lines in Regional Utilities’ system. The department also performs a wide variety of tasks related to in-house design projects. These tasks include surveying, permitting, detailed design and drafting, construction management, testing and certification. Typical in-house design projects include water and sewer line extensions/upgrades/relocations, potable water and wastewater treatment plant design and upgrades, reclaim water management, rapid rate infiltration pond design, long range water resource design, biosolid management, and overall system calibration.


Regional Utilities Engineering Department has an inspector who reviews all development projects and in- house projects under construction to ensure that all water and sewer utilities are constructed per Regional Utilities’ Standard Details, Specifications, and Approved Plans. For information regarding inspections contact Regional Utilities Engineering Department at 850-231-5114.

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